IPL Project

IPL Project

The consumption of P & K fertilizers has seen a rapid decline after introduction of NBS policy from April 2010 leading to growing imbalance the NPK ratio.

This has been basically caused by decline in MOP consumption from 4.634 million tonnes during 2009-10 to only 2.136 million tonnes during 2012-13. There was a negative balance of 5.976 million tonnes of K2O in the Indian soils during 2008-09 which is expected to further aggravate during the current year due to continuous decline in K2O consumption.

Although the primary correction in this regard will be possible only by favourable Government policies but we, in IPL, have decided to do our small bit in this direction by launching a special project titled “POTASH FOR LIFE”.

The basic objective is to let the farmers know that use of P&K fertilizers even at the current MRPs is profitable and further a long term neglect of P&K fertilizers will be detrimental to the soil health. We have carved out a separate Project Team (distinct from IPL) comprising of a Project Director, field personnel and supporting staff who will be exclusively working on implementation of the Project objectives.

However, the specific objectives of the Project are as under:

  • To enhance consumption of Potash.
  • To narrow down NPK use ratio and bring better balance in fertilizer consumption.
  • To minimise negative K balance in Indian soils.
  • To increase crop productivity.
  • To demonstrate to farming community that Potash use is still profitable at current MRPs.

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